Places I Like to Eat in Dorchester

Dorchester has a great array of restaurants and places you can eat out or order food from. Of all the Boston suburbs, I like going out to eat in Dorchester the most. Here I’ll list just a couple of my favorite places to eat at:

Ashmont Grill

This place has got two adorable patios and a cute garden you can sit in during the warmer months. I hear that the owner/chef of this restaurant has stacked up a lot of experience before he opened this place, and it definitely shows. Their signature “trainwreck fries” are to die for.

Banh Mi Ba Le

These guys bake their own delicious baguettes and pair it with salty cold cuts, tender beef or pork pate. They’re really affordable too, with their sandwiches pretty much never running you more than five dollars, leaving you enough to get a tasty avocado shake or bubble tea on the side.

Five Star Pizza and Grill

There’s a reason they’ve got “five stars”in their name. These guys make the best pizza Dorchester has to offer and a speedy delivery that brings you your pizza fresh and hot if you’re looking to order in. You can also get excellent caesar salads and subs from these guys.

There’s a whole lot more, but these are my personal top three places. Check ‘em out!

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